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How to duplicate a website

With Localbizprofit you have the possibility to duplicate existing websites or to save them as templates.

This can help you to save time.

For example you created a website for a hair dresser and now you need a similar website for another hair dresser, you can just use your previous website as a duplicate and you only have to make a few changes.

To duplicate an existing website, click on "Duplicate Website".

Now you can type in a new temporary inCMS domain (you can later link your own domain) and a new name.

When you click on "Create Website", the design and all the content will be duplicated.

If you want to use a website several times, you have the possibility to save it as a template.

Click on "Create Template", "Private Template".

Now you can choose a category and type in a name, a few keywords and optionally a description.

Click on save and close.

Now you can see the template under the top toolbar, on the left side of the screen.

From now on you can choose this template whenever you create a new website.

Video in old design