Add & Edit Text

To add text to your page, click on a plus icon and select "text".

Now you can type in or paste your text.

Afterwards you can format the text with several tools.

If you click on this button, every text you are going to copy, will be pasted neutral without any previous formatting.

In case you've already prepared a text with microsoft word and you want to have it adjusted perfectly to your page, you can click on this button and insert your text here.

Next you have the eraser, which you can use to undo any formatting of your current text selection.

You can click here to convert the selection into a title or normal text.

You can also strike out part of the text, for example to show an old price.

Or you can click here, if you want to format a certain part of the text as a quote.

Then you can insert special characters by clicking on this button.

Click here to add a horizontal line, which can make the text clearer.

To add a link to your text, make a selection and click on this button.

Now you have several options: 

You can link the text with an internal page, for example with the "contact page".

Click on this button again to delete the link.

Further you can select a file as a link, for example to offer a download.

You can also create a link to an external page. to make sure that the link will works properly, please don't forget to add "h - t - t - p - colon - slash - slash" at the beginning.

If you'd like to leave your website open in the background when someone clicks on the link, select "new window".

Finally you have the possibility to link to an email address.

When you have finished editing your text, click on save and close and from then on the text is published.

Click on this button to hide your text, which means that your text is not published online, but you can still edit it.