Add Images

To add a picture to your website click on the green plus icon and select "image".

Now you can either upload a picture or choose one out of your inCMS folder.

Let's assume you've already added the picture to your files.

In this case you can click on "image from files" and select your picture.

In addition you have the possibility to crop the image.

To undo the cropping, click on "reset".

If you don't have it in your files yet, you have two possibilities to upload the picture.

On the one hand you can click on "upload files" and your uploaded image will be saved in the first folder of your files

On the other hand you can click on files, choose your folder and click on "upload files"

Afterwards you can add the picture with "image form files"

Furthermore you can define the picture as a link

Click on "zoom" to make the enlargement of the picture show by clicking on it

If you want to reduce the time to load your website, you can downsize the quality of the picture

To upload the picture in the original quality, click on "insert image unchanged"

Finally you can add a border with a small shadow to the picture 

Click on "english" to add an alternative text and a legend, which is important for SEO.

Click on "save and close" and your picture will be added to your website.

You can move the picture with drag and drop.

inCMS automatically adjusts the size of the picture for the area where it appears, without reduction of quality.