Create Forms

With the form editor it's very simple to create a contact or a registration form.

Click on the green plus icon and select "form".

First you have to name the form.

Afterwards you can activate the captcha to prevent spam attacks.

Next type in your address.

Click on "save data" if you want to collect the entries online - this is usually done as a backup, in case the emails don't arrive.

In addition you can edit the submitlabel and the confirmation text.

Click on "save and close" to create the form.

To fill the form with content, click on the green plus icon within the frame.

Select form and choose one of the content elements, for example "form text" to type in a name.

With "input type" you can either select "numbers only", if it is for phone numbers for example, or you can choose e-mail address to demand an e-mail confirmation.

In addition you can click on "required" to make the filling in mandatory.

Click on "save and close" to create the first new entry of your form.

Next you can add an e-mail entry with the same button.

Afterwards you might want your visitors to have the possibility to send you a message.

Click on "text area" to create this kind of entry.

Optionally you can define the amount of rows.

with these few clicks we've just created a basic form.

You can add further elements such as "select", where you can crate a drop down box.

Now you can add multiple choices.

You can also add a radio button, if you want to make for example a yes/no decision.

Alternatively you can add a check box, where you have the possibility to select not only one, but several choices.

You have to create each choice separately.

Finally you can add the date element, where visitors can choose a date from the calendar or you can add an upload button, which makes it possible to attach data to the message.

You can adjust your form with the buttons "text" and "break" to design it individually.