Tutorial New Blog/News Categories

If you have many blog posts, you can divide them into multiple category folders. You can then choose which category folders should be displayed on which page on your website.

First, click here on "Settings", then on "General Settings" and activate the Expert mode.

Next log out and then log into inCMS again.

Now you can create new category folders.

Click on a green plus icon, type in a category name and click on "Save and close".


Now you can either add existing articles to this new folder by clicking here, or you can directly create new blog post in this new folder.

If you want to activate only this one category on a specific page, you can do this here in the settings or by clicking on the edit button and then select the corresponding category.

The website of SwissMadeMarketing.com is a good example for this new feature. There is one page with all blog posts.


Then there are sub-pages, which contain only one specific category, for example all inCMS articles.

So with this function you have the ability, to categorize your blog articles on different pages.

Please be aware, that if you activate expert mode, you will have to go through all existing news articles and assign them to at least one category. Otherwise these articles won't be displayed anywhere.