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Redirect - Create and Manage URL Redirects

If you rebuilt a website with inCMS, you have the ability to redirect old pages, which maybe have got other names, to the new ones, so that you don't lose your old backlinks.

Just click on this button to create a new redirection.

Now you can either add a single URL or an entire list, where you can add multiple redirections at once.

As you can see, you can insert your old Domain with your new Domain.

Or you can redirect a URL with this button.

For example I type in "old page".

Now I want to redirect it to a new page.

I have the ability to select an internal page.

That's it, now I can click on save and close and the redirection is saved.

If you make a redirection from „old page“ to another page, it doesn’t matter if you type in "old page" with or without a slash at the end.

You only have to enter one version, and inCMS assumes the redirection is always for both variations (with and without slash).

The slash at the beginning doesn't matter.

By the way you can create all sorts of redirections, for example to a Facebook or a affiliate URL.

For example I type in "great offer" and now I redirect it to a amazon page.

I click on Save and close and now I have a new redirection.