Create and link product with Digistore24

Welcome to another MemberBizProfit video tutorial.

In this video I will show you, how to create and link a digistore product.

First log in to or register.

Click under Accounts on Products and then on Add product.

Next type in a name and select a product type.

Afterwards you can insert the domain of your website here as Salespage.

At the moment it’s OK to insert the inCMS address, but later you can add a bought domain address.

Next click on Save.

When you click on Orderform you have the ability to add a product image.

Afterwards click under the settings on IPN to link the product.

Type in a name and select the type „MemberBizProfit (inCMS)“.

Next select the product.

Here you find a step-by-step instruction how it works in detail.

Go to your website and click under settings on digistore24 and copy the Api key and insert it here. Click on save.

Now edit the tag, which you created under member and copy the ID and insert it as tag in your product settings. You can separate tags by commas. Next click on save.

Go back to your website and go under the settings on digistore24.

As login URL you can select your login page.

Next click on save and close.

Now you need a button on your website, where you can get to the product.

Insert a button with a plus icon on one of your pages.

Select a style and so on and for the link you can insert the link to order page on digistore.

Next click on save and close and log out to test it.

You can make a test pay, because you are logged in in digistore at the same time.

You will receive an email, where you will get access to the product. There you can see the link to the login page and the username and a password.

As you can see you now have access to the restricted PDF-Download page.

In the next video you can see how to hide the other pages when you are logged in as a member.