Member Auth Container & hide pages when authenticated

Hello and welcome to MemberBizProfit.

In this video I will show you, how to hide pages as soon as you are logged in as a member on your website.

Just edit the pages you want to hide and click under restricted on „If authenticated, hide“.

Now you can log out and log in as a member on your page.

As you can see, the corresponding pages are no longer visible.

In addition you can click on your login page on a plus icon, to insert a Member Auth Container.

Here you can click on „Show to unauthenticated visitors“, so that all visitors that come to your page will see this.

For visitors who didn’t buy the product, you can refer to the sales page for example.

For costumers, who already bought the product, you can add a MemberAuthContainer again and select the corresponding tag. All content in here will only be visible for costumers who are logged in. Here you can write for example: Welcome! Click on PDF-Download to find the trainings plan, and so on.