Link to the article that explains how to add a placeholder for e-mails with mail chimp

So in MailChimp you would add:


...instead of the question marks here:

So the final result would be:*|EMAIL|*

NOTE: You can find your cuid in the quick tip

CrossSignUp with MemberBizProfit

Hello and welcome to a new feature update!

With MemberBizProfit you have the ability to use CrossSignUp and to send for example free login passwords to member for a special offer.

First create a page with the content that you want to offer for free.

Next you can create a new tag under members and select the corresponding page.

Afterwards create a new landing page, that isn’t in the Menu.

On this page you can use the plus icon to add a text where you describe the offer.

For example: Receive a free access to a entire lesson!

Next you can insert the module to log in. Click on a plus icon and then on CrossSignUp.

In the Video Tutorials of inCMS you can learn how to receive the autoresponder code from your Mail Provider which you can insert here.

Next you can select the name and e-mail fields and the thank you page. You can create the thank you page separately and link it here afterwards.

Under English you can type in the label and here you can add further fields.

In Members you can select, that always a new login will be created. You can link it with the corresponding tag.

Click here to activate the login so that the email with the login access will be sent.

When you don’t click here, the login has to be activated with this link where you have to replace the question marks with the code of your email provider.

In the description of this video you can find links to articles that explain how to add a placeholder for e-mails with mail chimp.

This makes sense when you want that the email has to be verified first before the login access will be sent.

On you login page you can add another member auth container and link it with the corresponding tag.

Here you can type in further information for those persons that logged in with the free login. So the users who bought the entire course won’t see this.

On your home site you can make an advertising for your landing page for example.

Just insert an image and a text and type something like: Click here to get access to a free lesson! and link it afterwards with your landing page.