Transfer Domain 

If you want to transfer an existent domain completely to us, go to the the advanced settings. 

In case you already have added a domain either with our nameservers or with external nameservers you have to foremost delete those settings.

Otherwise, you can click directly on "Add Domain" und choose the last option called; "Transfer Domain".

Insert the corresponding URL primarily. Next you need the "Transfer Code". You get the Transfer Code from your current Domain provider.

In our case; Namecheap.

Go the the Domain Settings for the domain you want to transfer. 

First of all, memorise the current settings you have. You have to set them freshly after the transfer to inCMS, because they are not included in the transfer. Meant are settings like E-Mail redirects, entire E-Mail services or other special settings.

Consider as well that your DNS settings will be newly created by inCMS. Not standardised settings like Sub-Domains will be lost.

Once you have incorporated these aspects and noted everything relevant, you can proceed with the transfer.

On every Domain provider this will look a bit different. In our case we go to the "Sharing & Transfer" and have to unlock the Domain lock. 

Then we can request the transfer code. 

Open you have received the E-Mail, insert the code in inCMS. In the last field you can deposit an address where you'll get an E-Mail in the end, when the transfer is completed.

Click on Continue and then on Complete. 

The last thing you have to do, is confirming a incoming E-Mail, which you'll get on the same mail address that you originally your Domain.

Attention: This is not the Confirmation-Mail mentioned above. In this E-Mail you'll have to finally confirm that you want to transfer the domain, so it can start processing. 

As soon as you confirmed this E-Mail the Domain will be transferred automatically in the background. This can take a couple of hours or even days, depending on the influence of the different factors that come to play.

At the very end you'll get the confirmation Mail from us, stating that your Domain-Transfer is completed.