Import members

Hello and welcome to a new feature update!

With MemberBizProfit you have the ability to import members.

First click on Members and then on import. Here you can upload a csv data. Next click on save.

Then you can select the fields.

I open the data so that you can see how it looks.

In the first row I have random titles, that I can select here.

You can see the required fields here - in the first column are my E-Mails, and so on.

The language has to be EN, DE or another abbreviation.

The groups can also be several groups, you can add them here separated with commas.

if you want to add the date, when someone was added to a group, then you can do this with this code here. Just type in the group name, followed by a hash, followed by the date. Here you can add further groups.

Now you can import it. Now you have a new user, that you can edit.

In addition you can add users to groups with drag&drop. For example you could add these two members to the group here. As you can see the members are in this group now. You can’t delete groups in the same way.