Sometimes website visitors click on an old link to a page that no longer exists. In that case a standard 404-error message will be displayed, saying "Oops, this URL is invalid...".

In inCMS you can create your own 404-error page. You can design this page as any of your 'normal' website pages and add text, images and links to your own liking. Biggest benefit of this option is that you can add a link to the homepage, so that visitors will be redirected to you site, in stead of being lost. 

Create 404 page

First, create a whole new page. This page should be at the same level as the homepage (so, not a subpage of another page). Set Page Name (URL) to 404. Use only these 3 digits, no spaces, etc. Make sure to tick the checkboxes for "not in menu" and "not in index", as you probably won't want this page to show up in your website menu.

Customize the page to your own liking (add text, images, links, etc as per normal). Logout of the website and wait a few minutes. Test the page by trying a URL with a correct domain, but a false subpage. For example: